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About Paratek

What We Do
Paratek designs and manufactures adaptive RF front-end component solutions for mobile wireless applications. Paratek's product offerings for multi-mode and multi-band operation cover three major applications:

  • Adaptive Impedance Matching Modules (AIMM)
  • Broadband filters and pre-selectors for RF front-end devices
  • Radio Antenna Frequency Tuners (RAFT™)

Paratek works collaboratively with customers. That means we listen closely to what your needs and milestones are, and then work to adapt our technology to yours. Applications differ, but the beauty of our adaptive approach is that we can easily fine-tune solutions based around certain operating bands, frequency ranges, and industry protocols. If your need is slightly different from the next, that's where we shine!

Technology Leadership
All Paratek products are based upon two proprietary tunable materials technologies called ParaScan™ and ParaStak™. ParaScan is a family of proprietary, composite ceramic materials from which ParaTune™ passive tunable ICs are produced. These RF-tunable capacitive circuits are used as reactive elements in filters, power amplifier ICs, adaptive antenna matching circuits, and phase shifters. As a foundational technology for Paratek, ParaScan opens up an entirely new world of RF tuning possiblilities for the wireless world!

Taking complex RF circuits and significantly miniaturizing them is what ParaStak is all about. ParaStak, using industry-standard parts and techniques, combines ASIC die and passive devices in a single package. The technology works with RF and digital ASIC devices and uses a proprietary 3-D approach to "stacking" and miniaturizing RF components and functional blocks. ParaStak's best-in-class footprint reduction means outstanding performance and reduced cost in a highly miniaturized package!

Together, ParScan and ParaStak form the basis for exciting RF products and solutions that component manufactuers and handset providers can integrate now. Paratek's adaptive impedance-matching technology will allow for the simultaneous improvement of power amplifier efficiency and linearity, link margin, antenna size, and battery life by optimizing RF power transfer throughout the system under all modulation protocols.
As mobile phones continue to get thinner and smaller, antenna volume is impacted. Getting the most out of the available antenna volume is where RAFT™ comes in. These Radio Antenna Frequency Tuners (RAFT) replace the fixed match at the feed point of the antenna, enabling smaller, high-performance, multi-band antennas by maximizing power transfer across each band. Designers are often forced to trade multiple antennas for single/fewer antennas covering broader bandwidths. Both options are at direct odds with today’s slim handset styling demands. The beauty of RAFT is that it converts a sub-optimal quad-band antenna into a high-performance penta-band antenna, speeding time-to-market for handset antenna designers.

Making Wireless Better!
Paratek's products will allow customers across the wireless communications industry to:

  • Build wireless devices that transmit and receive on multiple frequency bands over just one tunable antenna! Imagine the benefits of a highly miniaturized, highly efficient antenna that's matched to any communications band! This unprecedented level of tuning versatility will give next-generation commercial mobile devices and software-defined government/military radios a significant boost in performance.
    Counter the effects of mismatched impedance! Paratek's Adaptive Impedance Matching Modules (AIMM) automatically sense mismatch conditions and adjust the impedance to 50 ohms...instantly! This remarkable closed-loop system features incredibly wide tunability with self-correcting control functionality to optimize antenna and power amplifier performance for any mobile device environment.
    Extend battery life and reduce part count! Using AIMM, you can significantly improve a mobile handset's battery life by incorporating a tunable power amplifier with optimized load matching for various frequency bands and modes of operation. The benefits include maximum efficiency during peak power and back-off conditions. Paratek's proprietary ParaStak 3-D packaging technology you'll be able to simplify part count, shrink the design footprint, and reduce overall power usage.
    Take advantage of a new class of broadband filters! Using ParaScan to develop highly effective tunable capacitors, Paratek offers broadband filters with reduced size, lighter weight and lower power consumption over earlier fixed-filter technology. Paratek has delivered and deployed filters that operate between 30-450MHz; 225-960Mhz; and 1350-2500MHz. We're well on the way to expanding frequency coverage to 5GHz and eventually to 20GHz!

Our History, Location, and People
Paratek was founded in 1998. Its focus then and now is on proprietary tunable RF and materials technology (ParaScan) that meets every criterion for today's RF front-end needs. From linearity and reduced power consumption to enhanced tuning range and high Q, Paratek addresses them all.

Paratek expanded in 2002 with a proprietary 3-D packaging technology called ParaStak that employs standard manufacturing processes and materials to radically shrink both component size and cost. Today, Paratek has broadened its tunable technology with integrated sensing circuits, control functionality, and embedded firmware. As wireless communication technology evolves, Paratek's plug-and-play solutions will adapt easily.

Paratek has proven itself to be a responsive, reliable supplier to both the commercial handset industry and the government. The Company is now working with several major OEMs as its technology gains worldwide acceptance in the mobile phone market. Paratek also works with most of the prime contractors that supply mobile wireless units to the U.S. military. Having an over-arching, winning suite of technologies for commercial and defense use, Paratek is able to drive cost down thanks to a very strong focus on volume manufacturing.

Headquartered in Nashua, NH, Paratek also maintains engineering development facilities in Crystal Lake, IL and Burlington, Ontario. These offices are located near Chicago and Toronto respectively. See Locations. The company's management has over 100 years of combined experience in the mobile wireless industry. Paratek is privately-held and backed by leading electronics investors, including Polaris Ventures; Morgenthaler Ventures; Novak, Biddle; Investor AB; and ABS Ventures.



Research In Motion acquires Paratek

We are pleased to announce that RIM has acquired Paratek Microwave Inc.

As a part of RIM, a technology leader and pioneer in the smartphone category, Paratek will continue to innovate and to bring leading edge adaptive tuning solutions to the industry. We are very excited about this transaction and the opportunity to serve RIM and realize our vision.

As always, we will continue to pursue the development of state-of-the-art adaptive tuning technologies. We look forward to working with our new colleagues and integrating our solutions into RIM’s BlackBerry product offerings.

~Ralph Pini, Paratek Microwave, President and CEO.


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